Events / Awards

Practice in Van Cleef and Arpels. Practice at Hublot.


2013 – now       Concept designer & Artist at Bureau Lubinska (Geneva, Switzerland)

2004 – now       Architect Lubinska

2011 – 2013      CEO  at Lubinska Design ( Vienna, Austria )

2007–  2009      OTP Bank  Hungary , Ukrainian “daughter” in Kiev(Ukraine). Bank’s branches Architect  

                           Practices in Budapest in OTP Bank headquarters, Hungary

2005– 2007       International concern VORONIN, men clothes  53 boutiques chain (Ukraine-Russia-USA), Architect. Creative Director

2004- 2006       Brand  “TUSO” Multi-brand stores chain (Ukraine). Architect. Creative Director



  • Presentation for WEAR ART. Paris. August. (Please follow updates)
  • Solo exhibition. Zurich ( September. Please follow updates)
  • Group exhibition for ceramic. Geneva ( November. Please follow updates)
  • Group contemporary art-exhibition. Project SUPERNOVA. Art Basel Center
  • Art-support&charity for Ukrainian refugees
  • Refugees & support coordination ( March-May)
  • Group art-exhibition sponsored by administration of Confignon( canton Geneva)


  • New pieces for art-project ” Cyber time-travelling” presented in art space “Salon l’Artiste”
  • Sculptures for “Cyber time-travelling” Art-project
  • Art-project “Nonlinear evolution” presented in Luxembourg
  • New season for WEAR ART module. Merchandising line in porcelain, ceramic,gold and steel,semi-precious gemstones,Murano glass, Swarovski crystals 
  • Luxembourg Art-prize
  • WEAR ART  Collaboration with GoldWord Bijoux
  • Decoration for architectural Bureau Lubinska  in design-project of interior for Cafe PIROJKI. Geneva


  • Group exhibition “LA MER”. Sculptures by ArtLubinska, Confignon
  • Art-debates in Paris
    • Premiere of art-project “Cyber time-travelling”, Paris
  • ArtLuxembourg 3F Gallery Art Alliance.
    • Project “Sensuality of horizon”
  • Participation in Art-Monaco 3F ( Gallery ArtAlliance).
    • Art project “Tangential Myths
  • Art-project Cyber time-travelling (pending)
  • Sculpture
  • Online exhibition during quarantine



  • Art-collaboration and performance live at Villa Esprit3, Geneva
  • Personal exhibition « Light of cities and dreams » on three floors gallery’s space. Project « Sensualy of Horizon » Gallery d’Anières, Geneva
  • Personal exhibition & art therapy at TMED, Geneva
  • Personal exhibition with united art-project  “Skin of emotions”,  Art-space ” Ruine”, Geneva
  • Cyberpunk jewellery project “MINI ROBOTS”, Geneva
  • Graphic design-concept for first robot-android FEDOR



  • Personal gallery at 14th Art-Montreux Art-Fair
  • Group exhibition. Participation with art-project “LONDON’’ Galerie d’Anieres, Geneva
  • Personal exhibition with Digital Impressionism at Villa Esprit 3, Geneva
  • Art-project “Wales – the motherland of dragons” (pending)



  • Limited edition WEAR ART collection with clothes and accessories with printed art-projects by LUBINSKA
  • Hand drawing on silk



  • Art-event with project “Skin of emotions’’, Bureau Lubinska, Geneva
  • Art-project “TEA IN YORKSHIRE” (pending)



  • Jewellery collaboration “animals transformation in metal”,  London,UK
  • Mini-exposition “Portraits”,  Wales, UK
  • Collaboration with London Fashion Week
  • LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA. Collaboration with GAC Global Art Center Foundation
  • Practice in Maison Lemarié
  • 15 years anniversary of Jewellery Design by Lubinska



  • Opened bureau in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Graphics, BLACK-WHITE-RED art-project for Charity  foundation SAAMA. Vienna, Austria
  • Plein air (etudes) in OAE, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, France
  • Paintings-donation for charity auction « Help to wounded soldiers », Kiev, Ukraine
  • Winner in fashion Illustration competition by Wacom (World leader in devices for digital graphics),Kiev,Ukraine
  • Renewed action “Portrait for you”



  • Art-event  “Intentions” Vienna, Austria
  • Art-event  “Intentions”  Kiev, Ukraine
  • Anti-war  art-event « Never  never never give up ! »  Kiev, Ukraine



  • Personal exhibition ‘’Tangential myths’’, Vienna, Austria
  • Art-event ” A muse for Catman”, Vienna, Austria



  • Victoria Lubinska created own unique multilevel style DIGITAL IMPRESSIONISM with multilevel drawing by engineering CADplatform software



  • Personal art-exhibition, Vierhouten, Netherlands
  • Personal art-exhibition, Valletta, Malta
  • Open-air art initiative « City – gallery of smiles », Organized by Urban X. Kiev, Ukraine



  • Summer Exhibition competition, RA , London



  • First Prize in Architectural Design Competition “City Changes”, Kiev, Ukraine



  • Special prize for graphic project “Schengen visa” in Design Competition “Kiev’s Podium”, Ukraine



  • Golden prize for graphic project “Portrait of Alice who is sleeping”+ Special award by brand “Fashion Wind” (Paris, France) in VII-th International Design competition “Kyiv Fashion 2004”, Kiev, Ukraine



  • Art+Fashion design-concept for brand LORINA « Return in future summer » ,Ukraine-Israel



  • Art+Fashion design-concept for brand LORINA « Days of Miyajima », Japan-Ukraine
  • Unique jewellery design-concept for brand JEWEL GENIE , San Diego, USA
  • Personal exhibition “GREEN WIND’’ at “Fashion cellar”, Kiev, Ukraine



  • Second rate place in the final for the project “Visual mystification” + Special Jury’s opinion from F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology , New York, USA) in International Design Competition “Admiralty Needle”, Saint Petersburg, Russia . Main Jury:  Didier Lecoanet & Hemant Sagar (Maison Lecoanet Hemant, Paris,France)



BEFORE 2000 

  • Arthouse short film “A story about a young lady and her thought” Russia-Ukraine
  • Rate in the Final with a Graphic project “The birds are continue of flowers” in International Design competition “Admiralty Needle”, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Group exhibition in Artist’s House, Moscow, Russia
  • Personal exhibition “Night of colour”, Moscow, Russia
  • Winner with conceptual project “Salamander’s victory” in Design Competition by brand ”IndOdezhda“, Ukraine
  • Winner in Stage design competition for show “Miss Academy”, Ukraine
  • International competition and art-biennale “Underwater fantasies”.Group exhibition in Paris
  • First prize in Illustration Competition ” Alexander Pushkin’s Year by UNESCO”,  Ukraine
  • Rate in Finals with project “Shadows” in International Design Competition “Sribna Voda”, Ukraine
  • Winner in design-competition for costumes for theatrical show “Cleopatra”