Intention… what is this?  Mental mechanisms, we are thinking, explain behaviour in that individuals are seen as actors who have desires and who attempt to achieve goals that are directed by beliefs. Our intentional action is a function to accomplish a desired goal and is based on the belief that the course of action will satisfy a desire.

Where are our desires starting?

We are all arrived on the stage from our childhood, isn’t it?

When our desires asking us to have our prior intentions?

What is these prior intentions then? Reflect forethought about intentions-in-action… prior intentions do not need to be carried out to be considered intentions.

An unfulfilled intention is a prior intention that has no action associated with it. Also outlined the connections between mental states (desires, beliefs, and intentions) and actions carried out by an individual in order to reach a goal; these connections are referred to as the intentional chain. The proposed connective chain is that desire causes intention, which causes action, which causes outcome. The Intentional Chain maps the linking of a desire to the satisfaction of a goal via the intermediary intention. In this art-project Victoria trying to illustrate different intentions from their nature… with their bases and with their passion.

Art-project created with a complicated symbiosis between multilevel drawing by engineering CADplatform software, pen on paper, scanning, re-initiated more levels, then thermally combined with a new-age cardboard. All art-works also framed in highest quality thin metallic frame which included structural colour painting (SCP) by rubbing particle powder. Each art-work is engineering construction by itself.