Nonlinear Evolution

A new art-project and this is a current art-project which Victoria working with since 2020.
The project is based on the theory of nonlinear evolution. On the cybernetic models of the organism, on the studies of the interpenetration of species. It sounds especially relevant in the light of the fact that the pandemic that has swept the entire planet in year 2020 originates in the mutation of the virus in the body of bats and the ability of this virus to penetrate and adapt into the human’s body.
The physical phenomena and processes that take place in nature generally have complicated nonlinear features. This leads to nonlinear mathematical theories-models for the futuristic processes. There is much interest in the investigation to conditions of fauna today and huge attention to informing auditory about size of catastrophe which we going to face in soon future if the same disrespect to the ocean and land we will continue to provide.
“Will plastic replace the fish in the sea?”- this and many other questions Victoria keep open in this art-project and research.
She focus her main attention on ecological aspect of the area, where alive organisms demand to survive. That unceasing expansion of the human footprint has pushed many species to the brink of extinction. The report warns that the rampant destruction of ecosystems now puts nearly 1 million species at risk. In one of sunny (or cloudy, if we will have our atmosphere still) nonlinear evolution may be the last chance to keep our fauna with us. With deep hope this project is an anti-utopia and not a sad prognosis Victoria continue to work with.