For architects

Being an architect and being an artist Victoria Lubinska-Felix by the years decorated her architectural projects by her own art-works. It’s was a very  natural combination when an architect and an artist was the same person. This way made interested her colleagues-architects and they began to invite her for art-subjects creation in their architectural projects even from the times of architectural sketching. In times when building just have been in plans.  In such collaboration was born art- works which Victoria created exclusively for particular residence, apartment etc in goal for let that unique spirit of the project grow more. As a result, the architects got art-works which is already naturally included in the space and atmosphere of the building, the clients got not just a building with art but building where are art is a natural continue of building’s structure.

This way of collaboration Victoria  is happy to propose for architects and architectural bureaus.

She already  used this type of collaboration in Great Britain, Malta, France, Netherlands, USA,Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Sweden.

Collaborations with artists, designers, engineers and clients that lead their industries have advanced the practice’s diversity and knowledge, whilst the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies have aided the realization of dynamic and therefore complex architectural structures.