Based in Geneva architect & artist Victoria Lubinska-Felix well known for creative mediation between art and industry. Victoria’s fascination with drawing focuses on the creation and manipulation of the drawn line, sculptured form and experiments of mix with non-artistic tools from engineering industry. Her unique style with drawing by engineering CADplatform software was a progressive opening in art societies of Vienna 2012.  

Being a daughter of space-engineer in a Soviet Space program, Victoria always felt a special passion for Space and Time researches. Time like a price, which our civilization pays for new Space openings and discovery of unknown territories. 

Victoria started her career in 1993. Her education (M. Arch, B. Design, B. Fine Art) gives her a chance to use her knowledge for unusual symbiosis of technologies.  

With her style Victoria became a winner in a number of art and design competitions. She also joined exhibitions and art-salons worldwide with her art-projects (ArtBasel, ArtMonaco, Royal Academy of Arts London) . Her cross-technologies balanced vision was noticed and received a response from jewellery & watch brands where Victoria realising her passion for design in collaborations for about 20 years until now.  

During her architectural career Victoria was happy to live in absolutely different in lifestyle cities like London, Vienna, Paris, Brussels, Budapest, Valletta, Kyiv, Moscow. Touch of them Victoria realized in a few of her art-projects as well. 

Today art-works by Victoria Lubinska-Felix joined collections in 12 countries in the world. 

Victoria shows active social position in fight against violence. She donated her art-works on auctions for Foundation SAAMA (Austria) where profit went for support actions against female genital mutilation where this horrific procedure still be a part of life (FGM) and protection of suffering victims. Also, she donating her art-works for auctions with support for wounded soldiers ( Geneva, New York etc ).  Victoria attending number of meetings in United Nations (Geneva) where ways of fighting against domestic violence have to be find.