Geneva based architect & artist Victoria Lubinska-Felix created own multilevel way of drawing DIGITAL IMPRESSIONISM including complicated symbiosis between multilevel drawing by engineering CADplatform software and mixed media on paper ore canvas.

Victoria’s fascination with drawing focuses on the creation and manipulation of the drawn line and experiments of mixing not artistic technologies from engineering industry. Her images in art explore emotions, discovering forms of nature, historical persons, myths as part of cultural heritage and illustration of attitude by previous generations, interesting events of daily life, in a combination of both literal and abstract translation and in the mix with an analyse and experiment in form and colour. Images are created in a sense of freedom with rays of abstraction onto the page where physical boundaries are unimportant. Victoria’s work creates an interesting adventure from escapism with a mythological scenes and forms, projecting a sense of mystification and has touch of tragedy by novelist. In the same time inviting the viewer to share and explore inner structures of image created in the new reality with new possibilities but with a respect to art-heritage and classic.


Victoria started her carrier in the 1993. Her education (M. Arch, B. Design, B. Fine Art) gives her a chance to use her knowledge for unusual symbiosis of technologies. With this style Victoria is winner in number of art and design-competitions. Also, she joined number of exhibitions with her art-projects. During her architectural carrier Victoria was happy to live and travel in absolutely different in lifestyle countries, got full palette of bright cities as London, Vienna, Paris, Brussels, Budapest, Valletta, Kiev, Moscow etc. Those cities gave a great inspiration for her projects in art and architecture also. Today art-works by Victoria Lubinska-Felix joined collections in 12 countries in the world. Also need to add as 19 years Victoria realizing her passion for jewellery design in collaborations with jewellery brands worldwide being a creative mediator between art and industry.