Tangential Myths

Project “Tangential myths“ created by Geneva-based architect & artist Victoria Lubinska-Felix with a goal to look at mythology, religion and legends from the side of nowadays. Victoria says: “Like tangential lines touch subject without changing it in geometry so I touch the classical understanding of legends with an idea to refresh and reread it. Facts of historical events by the times included enough mystification also. Interesting for me to show how known images and stories would sound with the new emotions being included in unknown territories of CAD-platform software and digital graphics. This is a very bright palette for inspiration “.

This art-project created in Vienna during Victoria’s Austrian part of life. In media used a complicated symbiosis between multilevel drawing by engineering CADplatform software, pen on paper, scanning, re-initiated more layers (about 40), then thermally combined with a new-age cardboard. All art-works also framed in highest quality thin metallic frame which included structural colour painting (SCP) by rubbing particle powder with a processing diffusion of the colour in the first molecular levels of metal. Each art-work is engineering construction by itself.

Full art-project (two parts) premiere for Switzerland was in November 2018 on ArtMontreux Biennale