Sensuality of Horizon

« SENSUALITY OF HORIZON » created by Geneva-based architect & artist Victoria Lubinska-Felix. The dynamic of this art-project would fold out on rails of architectural spirit but also that gives impression that partitions become exterior walls, enjoying light of warmer seasons, plus the whole buildings would also be able to rotate to follow the direction of the sun across the day. Buildings arrives on the stage with their personality, keeps our landscape feeling open for all dimensions of our imagination and memories. Art-project is the creative response to the rationalist practices in landscape vision and perspectives of the new lives and ideas provided by the technological advances of contemporary spirit to manifest itself in new ways compared to the past. Artist worked to represent her experience of the newness of modern life in appropriately innovative ways.

This art-project created with a complicated symbiosis between multilevel drawing by engineering CADplatform software, pen on paper, scanning, re-initiated more levels, then thermally combined with a new-age cardboard. Also, bigger art-works framed in highest quality thin metallic frame which included structural colour painting (SCP) by rubbing particle powder. Each art-work is engineering construction by itself. Some of pieces including digital pastels which follow that special light in the different parts of the day.

Created between 2012-2018 years, began in Vienna during Austrian part of Victoria’s life. Collection based on etudes and sketches which artist made during her trips around Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria, Italy, France. Victoria Lubinska-Felix continue to work with this art- project. New updates coming soon.