Art-Project Cyber Time-Travelling

22 unique pieces. One of a kind each,100% handmade jewellery. Merchandising for Art-Project “Cyber Time-Travelling“.
Porcelain, cobalt, gold, steel, murano glass, Swarovski, laser cut spheres, hematite, pearl, quartz.

Cosmonauts in their glory of space challenging in handmade relief on porcelain made with using ancient Japanese tradition of making tsuba* in XIII-XVII centuries.

*The tsuba (鍔, or 鐔) is usually a round or squarish guard at the end of the grip of bladed Japanese weapons, like the katana etc. They contribute to the balance of the weapon and to the protection of the hand. The diameter of the average katana tsuba is 7.5–8 centimetres. They were usually lavishly decorated. Tsuba can be found in a variety of metals and alloys, including iron, steel, brass, copper. ARTLUBINSKA using for this method Limoges porcelain, experimental ceramic, enamels.